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Myeloproliferative neoplasms (MPN)

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    Myeloproliferative neoplasms (MPN)
    whole blood (with heparin)
    PH5 Refrigeration
    8-14 G-band

    Various types of bandings
    Using cultured lymphocytes or bone marrow cells, cells in the metaphase are fixed. Then, a stain gives a series of light and dark stripes (bands) along the chromosome, and analysis is performed based on the distribution and light-and-dark differences of the stripes.
    G-banding uses treatment with trypsin solution and Giemsa staining. C-banding consists of steps including HCI treatment, exposure to Ba(OH)2, 2×SCC, and Giemsa staining. Q-banding uses a stain called quinacrine mustard and the fluorescence pattern is observed using fluorescence microscopy. In high-resolution banding, visualized images of cell division between the end of the prophase and the beginning of the metaphase are used so that an increased number of bands are observed than in normal conditions.

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Avoid freezing.
Orders accepted on specified days.
Orders can be accepted from Monday through Thursday (for both blood and bone marrow fluid).
Please order a test for the name of disease concerned.
Refer to the table below for indicated diseases. It may take about 20 days if it takes time for testing.
About the submission of samples for chromosomal tests
Please submit a sample on the day it is collected.
Points to note concerning a hematological disorder chromosomal test (G-Banding)
1.Determination of G-banding requires sex information, so please make sure to state sex in the request form. Also, when ordering G-banding after bone marrow transplantation, make sure to state the sex of a donor in the request form.
2. The bone marrow chromosomal test requires 10,000,000 (1 × 107) nucleated cells. Please aseptically collect bone marrow fluid so that this amount is adequately reached.(For example, if the number of nucleated cells in bone marrow fluid is 100,000/μL, then 0.1 mL of bone marrow fluid will be necessary, and if the number is 10,000/μL, then 1 mL of bone marrow fluid will be required.)
3. During the administration of a steroid drug, alkylating agent, or antimetabolite, an image of chromosome banding may not be obtained, and in such a case the test will not be possible.
4. The test may not be possible if blast cells are not observed in the blood when you place an order by using the peripheral blood, and if an image of chromosome banding is not obtained in the blood collected from a patient in remission.
After drawing blood into a container shown in the left image, mix well, and refrigerate the specimen.
Please submit a sample on the day it is collected.


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